About Us


At Reliance Antennas we focus on building the best highest quality, most durable HF wire antennas that you can rely on. All antennas and accessories are handcrafted with high-quality materials and tested to ensure functionality before being offered to the public.

Whether you are using our antennas for POTA, SOTA, Field Day or other operations you can trust that when you need to use the antenna that it will function properly without issues. Our EFHW Bugout series is tough and compact for your Bug Out or Comms bag. With our Base Camp series you will have an effective antenna system for regular, emergency and grid-down operations right at your QTH or bug out location.

On top of building quality antennas that we stand behind, we also offer impeccible customer service. All emails will be answered promptly!

Thank you again for supporting us!

Matt N3VAN
Reliance Antennas